See what our loyal customers have to say about Brooklyn Chow's service, decor, and food!




"I loved that sandwich!"

- Stephen (Entertainment Industry Professional)


"The capers give the tuna that 'umpf'!"

- Kahia (sandwich fan)


"You can taste every single ingredient!"

- Michael (sandwich fan)



"Your French Onion is incredible!"

- Hart (Entertainment Industry Professional)


"I sometimes order two soups -- one for lunch and one for dinner.  They are so delicious!"

- Anonymous (Real Estate Professional)



"I love the Caesar salad!"

- Lana (Crown Heights neighborhood regular)



"These are the best hot dogs in New York City!"

- Khadhra (Brooklyn Chef, trained on the West Coast, now living and working outside of New York)


"You should get Anthony Bourdain in here to have one of these hot dogs!"

= Anonymous (Crown Heights Neighborhood Regular)



"Wanna see a grown man turn into a 5-year old right in front of your eyes?!  Just watch when he starts sipping his PBJ milkshake.  His eyes will light up, and he will start to grin -- maybe even giggle!"

- Chef Emily (Restauranteur)


"These PBJ milkshakes are the bomb!"

- Anonymous (Crown Heights regular, now a milkshake addict)


"I prefer these to the ones at my job.  That's why I come in here and pay for them; they are that good."

- Anonymous (Employee of Famous Fast-Casual Restaurant Chain)


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"I regularly order from Brooklyn Chow.  Everything I have tried has been really good!"

- Pooja (Technology professional)


"Who needs a barista?! Give me that Jamaican Blue Mountain blend coffee black and I'm happy!"

- Anonymous (coffee regular)


"How do you get the crust on the pizzettas so thin?  What's your secret?!"

= Anonymous (Thin-crust pizza fan)


"I'm a vegetarian, and with the veggie chili, salads and tofu options, I have lots of choices here.  Thank you!"

- Anonymous (Brooklyn Vegetarian)




 "Friendliest staff around!"

 - Michael H. (Financial Services professional and foodie-extraordinare)



"Looks amazing!"

- Colleen F. (Award-Winning Journalist and Film Maker)



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Of course, not all of our reviews are 5-star reviews.  No matter how hard we try, sometimes we don't get it right.    We encourage our customers to contact us directly before leaving a negative review on a third party website such as Yelp or Google or on one of our delivery providers' websites.  By contacting the local Brooklyn Chow directly to voice your concerns before posting a negative review, we may be able to address your particular issue in an efficient way.  We want to improve our service and offerings, and we welcome customer feedback.  And of course, you can always contact Chef Emily to voice your opinion by email emily@brooklynchow.com