Brooklyn Chow is mixing it up in fast casual, breaking traditions and "rules," like other innovative, Brooklyn pioneers. The grab 'n go world has never seen anything quite like Brooklyn Chow. Perhaps that is because Brooklyn Chow is steeped in the energy that is Brooklyn – a textured, multi-layered, blend of worlds, where Europeans settled, became Americans and built the future. Indeed, one of the most recognizable bridges in the world is the Brooklyn Bridge, and at Brooklyn Chow, we are bridging worlds. There is something on our menu for every person, whether carnivore or vegetarian, with price points that do not create barriers but rather invite everyone; from the child coming home from school, to the college student on a budget, to the family of four, to the independent, Hipster with more disposable income to spend on great food. We strive to be fully inclusive. We want our customers to be happy and to find that not only did they receive good value for the cost of the food, but that they truly enjoyed what they ate.

Brooklyn Chow is not just another "me too" concept. What would be the point in doing the same thing as everyone else? Nothing – so that's why we are innovating. Sure, we serve sliced turkey and roast beef sandwiches, egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches and other sandwiches that you might know by "title", but here, the taste is completely unique. Simplicity is our hallmark, where we don't overload or overstuff the sandwiches or pile them high with the typical lettuce-and-tomato-style toppings. We highlight fresh herbs on our turkey and roast beef sandwiches to evoke al fresco dining. We infuse whole mustard seeds in our egg salads and small capers in our tuna salad to share a glimpse of the French countryside. Our soups are like no other soups you've seen, as we rotate our soup menu to keep things interesting.  Our skilled staff may suggest pairings of the chef-designed soups that we believe go best with our sandwiches, still giving you the choice to choose a different soup, if you prefer. Our salads are not routine fare from a salad bar, where everything under the sun can be dumped into a bowl, drenched in salad dressing and chopped. No matter how pretty some of the individual items from a salad bar are, they often do not taste very good together. By innovating taste pairings and keeping our salads simple with a few fresh ingredients, we make having a salad more than just eating your greens, choosing dressings that highlight the flavors of the fruits and vegetables we select for your tasting pleasure. In other words, we offer you a better choice than just the same old, tired deli sandwiches. We offer you a chef-selected menu; based upon "The Hospitality Principle" we simply say, "Leave Everything To Us” so that we can simply serve you well. At the end of the day, whether you pick up your food or have it delivered, we seek to optimize your end result.